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Gc M.t. 





3 1833 01328 4846 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

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The motive for filing the copy of Ibis record with the 
library ia to have the help of such a3 may know facta regard- 
ing the family. 

When I began searching the family line our family had 
but little beyond one family of David Lyon, my great grandfather 
When the Lyon Memorial was consulted the statement was found 
that Alanson Forman Lyon, my grandfather, had died in 1823. As 
I had talked with him as late as 1688 and knew he lived until 
18 r Jl it seemed desirable to confirm the line as given in that 
record before accepting it. To accomplish this every book which 
might give information on this head ani which could be found 
in the Congressional Library at 7,'ashington or the Newberry 
Library at Chicago was read with care. Old cemetaeys in Conn. 
and L*ew York were visited, church records searched and a 
brief record of the lineage was made and seventeen copies sent 
to different persons who have done searching along parallel 
lines with a request that errors be pointed out. This compila- 
tion is the result of six years search along these lines. 

The chief differences between this record and the one 
in the Lyon Memorial are, beside the error regarding ray grand 
father, as follows:— 

1. Ancestry of Abigail Ogden, who married Thomas Lyon.'k >/Z 
3. Military record of David Lyon.,..; ' v 

3. Family of David Lyon. 

4. Ancestry of Charity Wilson who married David Lyon. --'-„' 

I will be glad to hear from any one who has any information 
along any of the lines touched in these pages, and will gladly 
exchange information possessed. 

A. U, VanAuken 
JDe c . i9i+. 1 19£ , i at h St . , Ch i cage , 

Hvmhet-s ) na cYcie, thus @ refer to the number 3 : r *n thot nam, ) n Val.Zj Lyon Kemonvl. 

ERRATA. , ; >v ,- _■_ 

The following corrections should be made in the "Family of 
Lyon", this correction being of date Feb. 5, 1915. 

Page 3. 

David Lyon, b. May 35, 1741, m .Jun.12, 1763, 1. (?) 

Free-Icve Firman, Aug. 6, 1744 May 14,1321 


mx-thzVp.rr.^a , R^th, Marriage. Death. 

(291) Abigail. Apl.4,1764. Daniel Alee. May 9,1853. 
(288) Thomas. May 31,1766 Mina Valebtine. Sep. 29, 1847. 
(287) Elizabeth, Aug. 8,1767 Cornelius Jacobs. Sep. 37, 1848. 
(290) William. Feb. 15,1759 Tina Vandermerk. 1858. 
(296) Firmin. Feb.19,1771. 

(286) Hannah. Aug. 5, 1773. W. F. Leggitt . May 7, 1858. 

(292) David. Mch .23, 1774. Charity Willson. ApI.30,lS67. 

Sally Sherwood. 

( Susan. Oct. 1,1776 Thos. H. Raymond. Dec. 8,1856. 

(294) Samuel. May 6, 1778 Patience Oifford. 1850 

The above record was copied from the bible of Freelove (Fir- 
min) Lyon by her daughter Abigail (Lyon) Adee, the original 
now being in possession of descendants. 

Page 10. 

(1460) George Frederic Lyon, born Athens, Pa., May 1,3854, 
died at Sayfe, Pa. June 22, 1914. Married Sept. 4,1873, Anna 
Case. (She was born Sept. 2,1352). He live! at v; a verly, N. Y. 

The author of the Lyon Memorial takes exception to the 
statement on page 1 and repeated on other pages that Thomas 
Lyon was of Scotch ancestry. Thomas is spoken of in letters 
as old as 1700 as being Scotch. The descendants of Richard 
emd Henry claim they were from Scotland. A descendant from 
(294) Samuel who has been in England and Scotland and made 
original investigations beleives they were from Perthshire, 
that Thomas, Richard and Henry were brothers and were sens of 
John Lyon, Yeoman, and his wife Elizabeth. It should be very 
clearly understood that there is 6mall evidence for or against 
the claim. Also, it should be said that Thomas was living in 
Gtamford in 1648 instead of Greenwich. 

It should be understood that the aim has been to make 
all names and dates absolutely accurate. Incidents related 
are given with les3 certainty as to accurack. The two should 
be separated. One is vital, the other merely interesting. 


! | ■ 

l.The first emigrant of this name in our line was Thomas Lyon, 
who sometimes spelled the name with an "i" instead of a >'v" , 

He was born at Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland about 163.1. 
He appears to have been the eldest of three brothers, all 
of whom carae to Connecticut* It Is the legend that his 
brothers were soldiers in Cromwell's army and wore on guard 
at Whitehall when Charles. I was beheaded. This was in Jan. 
1648, or as we now reckon, 1849, and at that time Thomas 
was living at Greenwich. He appears to have been a man of 
some importance- in the community, an item in the town rec- 
ords of March 5, 1656 is "The town -of Rye adopted the fol- 
lowing, Thomas Lyon and Thomas Browne are appointed to 
choose a house to be fortified for the safety of the* towns S 
He was married first to Martha Joanna Winthrcp, daughter of 
Henry and Elizabeth (Fonee) Winthrop and grand daughter of 
Governor John Winthrcp, the puritan governor. Martha appears 
to have been too weak physically for the trial c of piercer 
life and died after giving birth to two children, the first 
dying in infancy, and the second, Mary, growing up and 
marrying. His second wife was Mary Hoyt, a daughter of 
Simon Hoyt, of Stamford. Letters from both Thomas and 
Martha are found among the published letters of Governor 
Winthrop, They indicate that Mary was born In Aug. 1543. 
Children of second marriage. 

0* Abigail b. 1654-6 m .John Banks, d. before!713 

vg John, 1736 

<g * Thomas, 1673 Abigail Ogden 

@ Samuel Unmarried 1713 

® Joseph, 1677 Feb. 31, 1761 

® Elisabeth before 1713 

© Deborah 

<& Sarah 

2. Thomas Lyon, eon of Thomas and Mary (Hoyt) Lyon, born i£88, 
married Abigail, daughter of John and Judith (Sudd) Ogden. 
John Ogden was a KEsioEi arf tke deputy from Rye to the Gen- 
eral Court of Connecticut at Hartford on Oct. 8, 1654. He 
is further mentioned in the records of Rye. Judith wae a 
daughter of John Budd. The Lyon Memorial gives the parents 
of Mayy as John and Jane $Bond) Ogden. Thomas Lyon was 
born in 1673. "Honest" John Ogden left Rye in 1644. His 
youngest child of record was born in 1654, he died in 1361 
and his wife sometime earlier. He lived at Elizabeth N. J. 
from 1552-3 until his death. While there is no extant rec- 
ord to show that it was as given above, there appears much 
more likelihood of it being correct than the other. 
The children were:— 
(&> Abigail b.1700 

@> Thomas 1703 d.1770 

® Samuel Oct . 14, 1704 

<$£> * Jonathan, June 1, 1706 

<&D Mary 1708 

<&> David 1710 1773 

® Joseph 1711 12/23-1776 

<S0 Jemima 1713 

(Children of Thomas Lyon, continued. ) 

(32) Deborah, b.l?15 

<5D Elizabeth, 1717 

@> Gilbert, Jul. 20, 1719 

3. Jonathan Lyon, born June I, 1706, married in 1727 Elisabeth 
Mead, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Wi'llson) Mead", and 
grand daughter of Jeptha Mead, wife unknown, and Roger Will- 
oon, wife unknown. Roger Will son was a merchant at Scrooby, 
England, fled from persecution to Leyden and was one of the 
joint stock company who fitted out the Mayflower. She was 
born April 5, 17C8-S. Their children were:- 
(ft) Jonathan b. 11/14-1728 
® Elizabeth 6/28-1730 

® Elnathan 8/7-1732 

<© Israels 12/20-1734 

©> Phebe 5/25-1741 m ^ss^ds&vs S&Kac&K *.K<3>1 

<S * David 5/25-1741 m.Freelove Forman d. 1782 

® Peter 5/28-1745 

4. David Lyon, born May 25, 1741, married 1763 " Freelcve For- 
man and died of small pox on a prison ship in New York 
harbor in 1782 or 83, the date not being known. Freelcve 
Forman ( or Firmin) was born Aug. 6, 1744 and died May 14 
1821. Freelcve Forman was daughter of and Jane (Wat- 
son) Forman. The Watson line has rot been traced. James 
was son of Alanscn and Patience (Cgden) Forman. Hes grand 
parents were Ezekiel and Jane (Kni'ffen) Forman and John and 
Judith (Sudd) Ogden. His great gradfather was John Ferman 
who married Freelove Stayce. This name comes from Wales, 
the first of record being Gyles Fyrmyn, whose son Giles was 
an apothecary in England. He is supposed to be father of 
John, Giles and Thomas. John was the first to come to the 
colony, coming in 1830 and locating at 'A at er town. The next 
year Giles the apothecary came to the eoleny, eoon rcturnirg 
but after his return his sons Giles and Thomas cross on the 
fleet which brings Winthrop and John Willscn. John also 
returned to England, but came back In 1634 having married 
either in England or on hio return, Freelovo Stayce, 
The L3 T on Memorial gives what purports -to be the miltary T.14 
record of David Lyon in the Revolutionary -jar and then in r - 4 " 
an appendix takes it back. The records of New York during 
the revolution show four by the name of David Lyon. In the 
New York Line the first regiment aa3 a lieutenant David Lyai 
and the second regiment a private David Lyon. The Westchest- 
er Militia has a lieutenant David Lyon and the Dutchess Co. 
. Militia has a private David Lyon. The Eyon Memorial shows 
pretty conclusively that the David Lyon in Col. ?lcDougall r 3 
regiment who is spoken of as "A tolerable Officer'' was of 
Elizabeth N. J. and not of our branch. The records of the 
state of New York show in a published record called "Mew 
York In the Revolution" on page DOS? the name of David Lyon 
as a lieutenant. In the State Archive, vol. 1, p. 505 
^David Lyon appointed a lieutenant, 28 May 1778, in Capt 
Jacob Purdy T s company formed by the consolidation of the 
North and South Companies of North Castle of Colonel Thomas 
Thomas 1 regiment of Westchester County Militia'! In the 
manuscript records of the Treasurer, vol. 3 is found a 

( 3 ) 

certificate, being Certificate #9793, for 17 pounds-, 1 
shilling, G^ pence, dated 33 July 1779, issued to David 
Lyon for services as lieutenant In Capt . Jacob Purdy T 'a 
company of Col. Thomas Thoma3 v regiment of Westchester 
county Militia. Abigail Lyon Addee and Hannah Lyon 
Leggett told Mrs. Eisxsxra XeitiKxiL xxand. ^SKsiitsr a£ tfcg 
Abigal Eldred, ^toagiit si at tiae granddaughter of the 
latter that their father had been an officer In the rev- 
olutionary war, that he was later captured by the British, 
was for a time confined in the "Sugar House" at New York 
and later on a prison ship, where he contracted the small 
pcx, died, and his body was cast into the sea. The date of 
his death was never known. The legend concerning his death 
was also told by his son Thomas to his descendants, as 
vouched for by Judge William P. Lyon of the Wisconsin Su~ 
preme Court. It was also told by David Lyon to hie children. 
The children of this union are given in the Lyon Memorial 
and the- authority for it is a record compiled by a son of 
the eldest son, Thomas. The record as given to his children 
by our ancestor, David, was different. Some of the other 
descendants have it still different. An effort has been me& 
mads in the list below to harmonise the known dates and to 
interpolate the others, dropping the mythical children. 

& Abigail, b, Apl. 4, 1734 m. Daniel Adee, June 11,1853 

(£*D Thomas, May 31, 1733 B'enjamina Valentine 

<H3> William, Feb-. 15, 1738 Tina Vender dunk May 10, 185S 

CSD Elizabeth Jul. 8, 1770 Cornelius Jacobs Sep. 37, 1848 

d2*> Firman, May 19,1773 

(29^) David Men. 33, 1774 Charitr Wlll3on, Apl. 30, 1337 

Sally Sherwood, 

(Z&) Hannah Jul. 5, 1775 Wm. F. Leggitt, May 7,1353 

ckfcj Samuel May 6, 1777 Patience Clifford Nov. 7, 1839 

Phoebe, Oct. 1,1773 Thos .K.Raymond, Dec. 8, 1356 

The authority for the above arc*-*- Abigail, tombstone 
Bays, "Died May 9, 1853, aged 93 years'! Thomas, record of 
his son. William, tombstone says, "Died May 10,1858, s—^4. 
aged 90 years" Elizabeth, tombstone says, "Died lr.%x IS£ 
XSIX* a?** Sept. 37, 1848, aged 78 years". David, record 
mads in Family Bible by his son A Ian son F. Hannah, church 
record, says born Apl. 4, 1775, die! May 7, 1853. Samuel, 
church record says died Nov. 7, 1839, aged 91 years. 

After the close of the war the family was broken up. 
Abigail married Daniel Adee, a blacksmith, who engaged in 
nail making in New York, and she took David, Samuel and 
Phoebe, and perhaps Hannah, with her to New York. David and 
Samuel learned their brother-in-laws trade. Our branch knove 
very little about the descendants of Thomas or Firrcln. It 
Is our understanding that hl'^Sn^d his wife failed to agee 
and separated, he going south, presumably to South Carolina 
where several of his cousins were, these were children of 
his mother *a brother. He had been a merchant, but at the 
time he went south he borrowed the money from his brother 
David to go with, giving him a gold headed cane, which he- 
said was all he had. David gave this cane to his son in 
law, George Rowley Lyon, upon his marriage to his daughter 
Susannah. It was later given to James W. Lyon by their 
daughter, Ann Lyon PsrLee. 


■David Lyon was born March 33, 1774, beg married Sept. 33, 
1797 Charity WillBon, and die! April 30, 1367. After learn- 
ing his trade in New York he went to what io now called 
P°rt Cheater, but wa3 then called Saw Pits, where he built 
a house and blacksmith shop . Charity Willson wan born at 
what is now called Glenville, Conn., but was then called 
Sherwood's Bridge. In 1300 they joined a company who out- 
fitted in New York City and in March crossed the Hudson 
River with their tearn3 on the ice. This seerr.o strange at this 
time, as the river is not now allowed to freeze over. There 
were over 100 families in this caravan, Elizabeth (Lyon) 
Jacobs, William Lyon, David Lyon, Benjamin Willson, Kniffen 
Wilson and perhaps Benjamin Willson Sr and Daniel Willson 
being among those from" the neighborhood and related to David 
Lyon who formed a part. This party went up the Hudson River, 
up its tributary to Cherry Valley and down the Chenango to 
where the town of Oxford is now situated, where moat of thorn 
built their log cabins and male their homes. David Lyon 
lived at Oxford until 1319 when he bought a small farm seven 
miles below on the Chenango river, James W. was born on 
this farmn, Alanson F. was born at Saw Pits and the others 
at Oxford. When Charity (Willeon) Lyon was on her death bed 
she- asked her husband to marry her cousin, Sally Sherwood 
to make a home for her babies. After her death David went 
back to Connecticut, driving in a one horse wagon, and saw- 
Sally. At first she refused, but Wilson Slawson, husband of 
Charity's sister Susan acted as mediation , and the matter 
was fixed up, and the wedding took place. Sally refused to 
go to Chenango County and David returned, sold hie little 
farm, took hia thhss youngest children and returned to Conn, 
and bought a little, plot of land, ten acres, on the Byruta 
river and built a shop and conducted it up to the year 
before his death. He was a blacksmith. Thi3 place was near 
the birthplace of his first wife and was then called Sher- 
wood's Bridge, and now Glenville, Conn. In making a home 
the marriage seems not to have been wholly successful, but 
one of the chidren remaining for any length of time, Eliza- 
beth and James leaving early. 

Charity Willson was daughter of Benjamin and Polly- (Knif- 
fen) Willson, her grandparents were Samuel Willson and Phebs 
Lyon. Samuel Willson was son of Samuel and Susannah (Ogden) 
Willeon. Samuel Willson was a dfe^P^er of John and Mary^Lyon) 
Willson. Susannah Ogden was daughter of Joseph and Susannah 
Ogden, Joseph being a brother to Abigail, who married Thomas 
Lyon. John Willson was a son of John Willson and grandson 
of Roger Willson, and Mary Lyon was daughter of Thomas and 
Martha Joanna (Winthrcp) Lyon. John Willson, son of Roger, 
married Susannah Eaton, supposed to have been a neice or 
daughter of Theophilus Eaton, Governor of New Haven colony. 
Polly, or Mary, Kniffen was daughter of Benjamin and Gertrude 
(Purdy-) Kniffen,- grand daughter of and Charity (Hop- 
ton)Kniffen and John and Rebecca (Brown) Purdy. John was 
known as "Still John" supposed from being a distiller. Her 
great grand parents were George Kniffen, the emigrant, name 
of wife not known, and Joseph and Jans (Budd) Morton, Josech 
Purdy and Thomas Brown, names of wives unknown. Joseph Mor- 
ton was a mileer, chief officer of the train band, vestry- 
man, a selectman in 1371, justice of the peace in 1673, was 
given authority by the General Court to marry persons and 

( 5 ) 

grant warrant up Joseph Purdy was supervisor of the town, 

justice of the peace, and representative of the town in the 
general assembly. 

Name Born Married Died 

(741) Alanson Forman Jul. 5, 1793 Feb. 24, 1333 Oct. 24, 1391 

(743) David Wilson Oct-. 7, 1800 Dec. 27, 1331 Apl. 21, 1838 
(743 Susannah, May 30,1803 Dec. 28, 1823 Mch.23,1377 

(744) 77i'llaim McAlpin Mch. 30, 1805 Oct. 17,1821 

(745) Frederic Randall Feb, 29, 1303 Jan. 13, 1335 Feb. 24, 1884 

Nov. 10, 1353 

(746) Mary Apl. 34, 1810 Men .21, 1833 Jan. 6, 1858 
(74?) Free love- Forman Jul. 17, 1812 Oct.l, 1832 Nov. 13,1001 
(748) Elizabeth Sherwood 9/17, 1315 Jan.14',1898 
(745) John Rath bone, Aug. 14, 1318 N\y S3, }>M8lS4S J*»fc.&3, MKfcS 2 A 

(75-0; James William Be<z . A- 18 2.0 Ma/ 29 18 4 A J une . 23, 191-3 

6. (74]) Alanson Foreman Lyon, born Jul. 5, 1758 at Saw Fits, 
(now Port Chester) N. Y., married at Oxford, N. Y,, Feb. 
24th, ]823 to Harriet Morgan, and died at Fort Howard, (green) 
Bay) Wis,, Oct. 24, 1891. Harriet Morgan was born at Hoi- 
land Patent, N. Y. May 10, 1802, and died at Fort Howard, 
T. r is., Feb. 2nd, 1883. Both are buried at Menominee, Mich, 
(I443):.5arv Elizabeth' May 12,1324 May 12,1824 

(l444)Catherir.e Barnard Jul. 17, 1635 Oct. 17, 1853 ffafiL.I6}lSG5 
(1445) Jane Elizabeth Aug. 26, 1837 Feb. 2,1654 Nov. 9, 1900. 
(1446 JMarr Ambrosia Dec. 3,1629 Feb. 27", 1853 Feb. 21, 1906 
(1447) Susan Augusta Sep. 10, 1633 Jun. 4,1862 
(l448)Gai'ua Morgan May 16,1636 Nov. 17, 1856 

(1449)AbiRai Sarah Oct. 5, 1638 Apl.24,1641 

(l450)Albert Augustus Apl. 14,1841 Jul. 10, 1864 

(1451) James Frederick Sept. 17, 1643 Not. Iff, 1836 
(l452)lsaac Tracy Storm Sep. 22, 1846 Mch. 24, 1848- 

6. (742) David Wilson Lyon was born at Oxford, N. Y., Oct. 7, 
1800. Married Rosannah Bartle Dec. 27, 1821 and died at Glen- 
vil]e, Conn., Apl. 21, 1838. Rosannah was bcrn in 1800 but 
date of death undetermined. 

(1453) William Apl. 15,1824 ? May 2o,1903 

(1454) Wilson Jan. 9, 1832 Sep. 15, 1858 

(1455) Charles 

6. Susannah Lyon, born at Oxford, N. Y., May 30,1803, married 
George R. Lyon at Oxford Dec. 28, 1822 and died at Greene, N. Y 
Mch. 28, 1877. George R. Lyon wa3 of another branch of the 
Lyon family, was born at Lyon Brock, N. Y. , Aug. 15, 1600 and 
died at Greene, N. Y., Jul. IS, 1887. 

(1456) Henry A. Nov. 22, 1326 Dec.2,lSC8 

(1457) Ann Eliza Aug. 21, 1323 Mch. 17, 1912 
(1458)Ceorge MUton Feb. 15, 1832 

(1453) Mary Alice May 11,1839 May 1,1643 

(1460) Susan Alice Sept. 14, 1841 Feb. 9, 1635 

-, Waterville, 

N. Y. both di 

ed at 


Dec.l, 1835 

Aug. 16, 1835 

' Aug 


..'ay 2b, 1837 



May 14,1839 

Jar.. 22, 1659 


Jun.] 0.1641 



Aug. 8, 1842 

Nov. 4,1873' 

Eay 21,1845 



Feb. 14, 1647 




•s. Mancy Jes 

rmete Hills, whose maiden 

cS borri at Liberty, N. Y., 



is, Pa., Men. 

8, 1897. 

May 1,1654 

Sep. 4, 187 3 

Jun , 


Jan. 3, -1653 


,2, 1856 

Ju. 1,1857 

Aug. 18, 1880 

Dec. 17 1358' 



Apl.7, 1831 

( 6 ) 

6. Frederick Randall Lyon, born Feb, 29, 1808 and died Feb. 2- 
1884. Ke was twice married, his first wife was Mary Hele: 
Pood who was born Nov. 21, 1818 and died Apl.25, 1853. They 
were married Jan. 13,1835 at Athens, Pa. He was born at Ox- 
ford, IT, Y. and she ai 
Chi 1 iren. 

(146l)01iver Douglas 

(1463)jaraes Henry 

(1463 )Eli za be th Fi 1 k i no 

(1464) Harriet P. 

(1455) Susan Lovina 

(1463) Edward t 

(1467) Clara Isabel 

(1468 ) William Barker 

His second wife was Mi 
name was White. She we 
1819 and died at Athen 

(1469) George Frederic 

(1470) Charity A. 
(1471 j Char] -a David 

(1472) prank Reuben 1 

(1473) John Bertram 

6. (74S) Mary Lyon was corn Apl. 24,1810 at Oxford, IT, Y., mar- 
ried Jchn MeCiure Men. 21, 1832 at Oxford and died at Reliance, 
Ohio, Jan. 5, 1853. 

(1474) Horace Ira Infancy 

(1475) Helen E. 1840 1857 

(1476) John H. Infancy 

(1477) Mary Alice Jan. 11, 1645 Jul. 12, 1865 ■ 

(1478) Harriet Ambrosia Infancy 

(1479) William Henry " 1850 

5. (747) Freelove Forman Lyon was born at Oxford, N. Y., July 17 

1812 and died at Coloraa, 

Oct. 1, 1632 fro Julius 

(148C) George Lyon 
(1461) Susan Adelaide 

(1482) Helen Freelove 

(1483) David Wilson 

(1464) Harriet Abigal 

(1465) Frances Louisa 
errata (1483) Mary Elizabeth 

(1487) Lewis Henry 
(1483) Caroline Adelia 
(1454) Frederic Augustus Ju; 

ia, Wis., Nov. 12,1901. Sne 

was married 

5 Morgan, at 


Jul. 25, 1834 

Jan. 22, 1859 

Feb. 7,1833 

Jun. 9, 1857 

Oct:. 3,1909 

Nov. 8, 1838 


Jun .19, 1640 


Sep .29, 1544 

Aug. 16, 1555 

Dec. 4, 1345 

Jun. 12, 1853 

Jul. 23 ,1542 


Nov. 14, 1849 

Dec. 25, 1635 

Jul. 25, 1651 

Jun. 2, 1902 

1 Jul. 3, 1553 

Jul. 10, 1681 

( 7 ) 

6. (743$ John Rathbone Lyon was born in Oxford, N. Y., Aug. 14, 
1818, and died in Port Chester, N. Y., Feb, 4, 1877. He was 
married in 1845 to Louise Mary Frevy. They had one son, 
named David. Louisa Mary Frevy was a daughter of a eon of 
George prevy and Nancy Edict and a sister of Sally Sherwood 
who became second wife of David Lyon. George Frevy was born 
in Greenwich, Conn, in 1753, and died in Cheery Valley, K. Y. 
in 1858. He was known as the ' "Centennarian of Cherry Valley."' 

6. (750) James William Lyon, born on a farm near Greene, N. Y. 
Dec. 14, 1820 and died in Evanston, Ills,, June 23, 1313. He 
married May 23, 1642 Delia Fields, who wan born June 6, 1822 
and died Nov, 18, 1300; married Apl. 3, 1658, Mary Reither, 
born June 6, 1838, in Germany, and died Oct. 23, 1834 in East 
New York, N. Y. 
Children. (let Marriage) 
(1432)Mary Elizabeth Jun.29,1843" Dec. 24,1802 
(1433$ John H Men.. 1844 Jan. 2, 1830 

(14-9&) Zachariah Childhood 

(14SE - ) Caroline " 

(143©) George " 

(2nd Marriage) 
(14S80 David . Childhood 

(1438") Sibilia ,f 

(1&00) James W. 

(1500) Charity- Wilson May 23,1863" Oct. 17, 1888 

(1501) George Childhood 
(1503?) EmsxI-S^MISx Ann " 

(1503) Charles H. Dec 18,1870 Nov. 1833 

(1504) James W. Childhood 

(1505) William 

William McAlpin Lyon, (744) and Elizabeth Sherwood Lyon never 

— , c . o 

?.. Ca-cnerxi.e taicara Lyon, (1444) born July 17, 1825, married 
William George Boeweil Oct. 17, 1S59. No children. 

7. Jane Elizabeth Lyon (1445), born Aug, 26", 1827, married Thomas 
Jackson Streeter Feb. 2, 1354, No children. 

27,1855. He was corn in Milford, Pa,, Oct. 1,1524- and died in 

Fort Howard, Wis., Sept. 8, 1876. » 


(lT'wl) Augustus Albert Feb-, Iff, 1857 Jul.31, ls©6 

(1702) Frederick Alanson May 24, 1359 Nov, 5, 1831 

(1703)Harriet Abigal Aug. 29, 1851 Feb. 30, 1833 

(I704)jane Elizabeth Jan. 23,1833 ^ May 23,1383 

(l705)Alston Milton Oct. 2?, 1355° ^uj. 3 1BS8 

(l70S)Webb Wallace Oct. 23, 1387 A ft * lisb * 

(1707")K:ate Barnard Mch.19,1870 Feb. 33, 1333 

(l703")Margarsrt Ella Oct. 1,1375 Oct. 13, 1303 

( 8 ) 

7. (1447) Susan Augusta Lyon, born Sept. 10, 1833, married June \, 

1832 to Ben Franklin Douglass, (born and 


Children, . ■<-■ , 

(1709 )' Stephen Alan Aug. 12,1863 ? 

(1710) Scott Morgan Jun..3o,I868 Dec. 2 9, 1303 

(I71l)Warren Patfree Jun. 30,1869 Infancy 

(1713) Harriet Eliza Feb. 4, 1871 Nov. 11, 1305 Apl. 9, 1914 

(1713) Richard Hamilton Jul. 1,1873 Infancy 

(1714) Kata Theresa May 18,1875 Sep. 13?, 1893 Sep. 13, 1900 

7. (1451) James Frederick Lyon, born Sep .17, 1343', married Ho v. fc3', 
1866, Jane Hedges. ( Sh: was horn June 33, 1043.) 

(l?15)Fi'netta Harriet Oct. 23, 1867 Jun. 12,1895 

C1716)Sarah Elizabeth Men, 32, 1871 Oct. 1913 

(1717) Mary Hedges Aug. 18, 1373 Feb. 12,1907 

(1713) Abigail Dayton Men. 3,1878 

(1719) Donald Street er Sep. 1,1331 

7. (I448)0aius Morgan and (l450)Albert Augustus never married. 


7. (1453) William Lyon, born Apl. 15, 1834 at Oxford, W. Y«, Married 
first, Harriet Newell, from which union there was one child, 
Helen, who died young, married second, Maria Louise Stoddard, (ten 
at Lisle N.Y., Oct .30, 1823, die! at Syracuse, ". Y. Jan. 7, 1908) 
and lie I May 20,1303 at Syracuse, N. Y. 

(1721) Anna ? Infancy. 

(1733) Mary Stoddard Mch.13,1359 

7. (1454) Wilson Lyon, born in Greene, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1832, married 
Sept. 15, 1358 Augusta Baker (born Jordan, N. Y., May 6,1833 and 
died Men. 14, 1301). Lives at Elkhorn, Wis. 

(1723) Maud Helen Jan. 25, 1860 Feb. 4, 1861 

(1724) Marian Bird Apl. 13, 1863 Oct. 13, 1893 

(1725) William Bartle Jun. 30, 13-37 Jul. 16, 1333 
(17250 Jessie Anna Nov. 10,1871 

7.(1455) Charles Lyon, born at Greene, N. Y., 

married at Elkhorn, Wis., Lovina Dewing, (She was 

born and diei at Chicago May 13, 1309) 

Children. Birth 

Txx±k Name Xxrrisps Marriage Death 

(l727)Lena May Sep. 23, 1865 18S8 

(1723) rjebrge Dewing Mch.5,1858 Dec. 1,1300 

'd ,.',.■ ■■ ■■■ ~,,.J .-'■ , • ' ' ' ■ ' 

( 9 ) 

7".. (1456) Henry A Lyon, born in Greene, M. Y. Nov. 22, 1826, 

disci same Dec. 3, 1308, married Elvira Dver May 7, 1350. (She 
was born Men. 10, 1830 and died May 35,1309. 
Children. Born Married Died 

(!73l)Harrist A. Jan, 20, 1851 Oct. 8,1873 

(1733) Susan L May -10, 185 3" ? 

(1733) Walter D. Oct. 23, 1337 Dec. 14, 1911 

7.(1457) Ann ElizaLyon, horn in Greens Aug. 21, 1839 and died 
same place Men. 17, 1913. Married 1 Judson ?. Bab cook and 2 
Isaac B. Per Lee . No children. 

7.(1453) George Mi/tow Lyon, horn Feb. 15, 1832 and died Oct. 33, 
1835. He was married to Eliza Lewis, 

Children Brr± 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

(17 3* ) William 

(1735 ) Lewis 

( 1733 ) Mat ie 

(1737) Elizabeth 

7.(1430) Susan Alice Lyon, born Sep. 14, 1842 and dio.&a Feb. 9, 
' 1395. Married Burdetts Holeomb who died Feb. 9,1336. 

Fames. Birth. Marriage Death. 

(1733) Anna B. Nov. 1371 Feb. 3, 1306 ; 

(1739) Olive 1873 ' Aug. 13,192 1 

7 .(I43l)01iver Douglas Lyon, born Txfr.SS, Dec. 1, 1335 and died 
Aug. 23, 1337. Born at Lawrenceville, Fa., and died at Towanda 
Pa. Married at Andover, N.Y., his cousin, Harriet Abigal 
Morgan(14S4) Aug. 15, 1835, He was a veteran of the civil war. 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

(l740)Mary Frances Jun.3,1863 1895 Jul. 24, 1307. 

(1741) Frederic Julius Aug. 5, 1358 Jan. 23, 1863 

(1742) Clinton LeRoy Jan. 30, 1370 

(1743 Walter DeWitt 1372 

(1744) Charles Henry Jul. 3, 1874 Oct. 4, 1833 

(l7 45)Ed-,vard Oliver Feb. 23, 1878 

(l745)Bobert Morgan Aug. 20, 1831 Oct. 1Q, 1303' Jan. 11, 1312 

(I74T) Susan Adelaide May 17,1834 

(l743)Bichard Augustus Apl. 16,1887 

(1749)Maud Louisa Men. 7, 1890 

7.(1453) Elizabeth Filkins Lyon, born May 14,1839, died Feb. 12 
1877. Married Jan. 23, 1358 to her cousin, George Lyon Morgan, 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

(1750$ Lewis Eugene Jan. 24, 1853 Jan. 24, 1330 
(1751) Mary Isabel Jan. 21, 1831 Jan. 2, 1880 


7". (1435) Susan Lovina Lyon, born Aug, 3, 1343, married Nov. 4 
1873 Leon Ames Koyt, (born Jun.30,1841) 

Karnes Birth Marriage- Death 

(1752~) Julia Isabella Feb. 4, 1875 Jul. 29. 1887 

t.1753) Susie M Jan. 8, 1873 

7"(1'4'37") Clara Isabella Lyon, born Feb. 14, 1547, married 

Matthew Hemingway 

7.(3469) GeoTge Frederic- Lycra, born Athens-, Fa., May 1,1854 and 
died Syracuse, H. Y. June 33,1914:. Married Sept. 4', 1873 
Anna Case. (She was born Sept. 3, 1853) He lived at Syracuse-. 


Names Birth Marriage Death 

(1756) Mary Edith Dec. 36, 1874- 

(1757) James Frederic Dec. 3, 1375 Oct. 34, 1903 

(1758) Bertha Elisabeth Sep. 14.] 379 
(1753) Janet Not. 33, 1831 

7'. (1471) Charles David Lyon, born at Athens Jul. 1,1857, married 
Emma Lovina Fee (b. May 3, 1857) Aug. 13, 1330. Lives at Corn- 
wall"-cn-t he -Hudson, N. Y, 

Names Birth Carriage Death. 

17 30) Andrew Frederic J un. 3,1331 

(1761) Roscoe Harold May .13, 1383 

(1783) Fancy Janette 13S4 , Infancy 

(1763) Sal lie Deborah Oct. 20, 1385 

(1764) Blanche Eleanor Dec. 3 I, 1835 

(1765) Paul Gibson. Ko v. 26, 1390 May 32,1915 j 
(1768) John Allen Nov. 35, 1893 

(1757) Vivian Hinshaw Jul.1,183? 

7. (1472) Frank Reuben Lyon, born in Athens, Fa., Dec, 17, 1853. 
( He went to the west and married Mary Swartz, lived for a 
time in Oregon and is supposed to have died in SanFrancisco 
leaving a widow and children.) 

7.(1473) John Bertram Lyon, born Athens, Pa.,ApI.7. 1861, 
married Sep. 25, 1883, Mary Ranft, (corn Jun.5,1852) and new 
lives a; Riverside, Ills. 
timft Children. 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

(1771) Charity Wilson Jan. 26,1 885 » 
(1773) James ^reieric Mar 13,1887 

(1773) Celia Delitia Nov. 34, 1891 Apl.3,1825 

(1774) Marian Ranft Ap 1.6, 1393 { 
(1774) William Ranft Feb. 10, 1895 

7.(1475) Helen E McClure, born about 1340 at Jackson, Mich 

and married about 183" :.: County, Mich., a man 
named. Lathrcp. Nothing more known. 


7. (1.477) Vary Alice Mc.CluTe, born Jackson, Mich., Jan. IT, 1840, 
married July 12, 18S5 to William Earailla Roberts, (b. Jul. 23 
1830). They live in Marquette County, Mich. 

Names Birth Marriage Ddath 

(lTSl)Carltcn Alar.scr. May 35,1865 
(1763) Fred Augustus Aug .24,1863 Men. 3. 1911 
(1783 )Her cert Harvey Aug. 16, 1870 May 4,1889 
(1784) Charles Benjamin Nov. 13, 1872 
(1785)Edward Earzilla May 39,1876 
(1786)Mary Elisabeth Jul. 5, 1878 
(17 87) Eva Gladys Oct. 1,1881 Jul. 15, 1898 
(1788) Bell and Blanche May 5,1380 Aug. 2, 1880 

(1769 ) Cora Alice Oct , 20, 1883' 
(1790 )Kather ire Madeline Aug. 18, 1886 
(1791") Lillian Gertrude Jul. 23, 1630. 

7. William L T er:ry McClure, corn at Reliance, Ohio about I860. Ke 
lived in Marquette County, Mich. , for a time. Is supposed to 
be married, but wheraboutrs not known. (1479) 

7 . (l480)George Lyon Morgan, born Jul. 25, 1834, married first 
Elizabeth Filkins Lyon, (1433) which see for children of that 
marriage. Married Aug. 17, 1663, Josephine, (corn Men. 23 
1852, die! Oct . 18, 1900) . Has been married twice since, but 
have no record. 
Children. Birth Marriaee Death 

(l8Cl)Carrie Belle Mch.24,1870 Jul. 2, 1885 
(l802)Jennie Lena Jun. 1,1812 ? 
(1803) George Nov. 30, 1874 I89o 

7. (l48l)Susan Adelaide Morgan was born Feb. 7, 1833 and died at 
Hancock, Wis., Oct. 3,1909. She was born at Erwin, N.Y. She 
married R. Henry Clark June 9,1857. Ko children, 

7.11482) Helen Freelove Morgan born at Linlley, K. Y., Nov. 6, 
1838, married E ' R Dunham. 

One child, (1804) Lelia M. born May 20, 1861, married Kelson 
G. Ray, May 17,1880. 

7.(1483) David tfileon Morgan, born Lindley, N. Y. June 13, 1840. 
Married 1st, Laura Davis. 
Children. * 

(1305) Lena 
(1807) Jennie 
(1806) Katie 

Name of second wife net known. 
(1609)David Julius 
Name of third wife not known. 
In. 1912 he was living in Baltimore, Md. 

( 12 ) 
7.(1485) Mary Elizabeth Morgan, born Lindley, N. Y. Jul/23,1842 
married Mexritt Teall, who died in a Soldier's Home in Cali- 
fornia in 1914. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(l614)Caroline Freelove Ap.1 t 8,1857 Sep. 26, 1888 
(l815)Williara Merritt Mch.33,1870 Jun.12,1693 

7.(1484) Harriet Abi'gal Morgan, born Caton, R. Y. Sep. 23,1844, 
married Aug. 16, 1865 at Lir^l&y, K. Y., her cousin, 
(1461 ) Oliver D. Lyon, which see, 

7\ (14'85) Francis Louisa '.'organ, born Lindley, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1846, 
married at Alfred Centre, R. Y. Jun. .12, 1856, Thomas IT 

Eames. Birth Marriage Death 

(l82l)EtheIyn Alice Jun. 4,1902 

7;- (1487) Lewis Henry Morgan, born Lindley, If. Y. , Nov. 14, 1849, 
married at Coloma, 'Vis ., Dec. 25, 1875, Jane M, Parker. She was 
born Jun, 36, 1859. They live at Coloma, Wis. 

Raises Birth Marriage Death 

(lS25)Clara Belle May 14,1877 Apl. 10,169 

(iS2G)Fred Clayton Nov. 12,1879 Dec. 35,1904 
(183?) Grace Adelia Mav 17,1885 Nov. 5, I9C4 
(1826) Nellie Freelove Jul. 31, 1887 

7.1488) Caroline Adelia Morgan, born at Lindley, R". Y., Jul, 26, 
1851, married at Pleasant Prairie, Wis., Jun, 2, 1902, J 
Henry Hubbard. He died She is living at 

• Ccloma, Wis. Mo children. 

7. Frederic Augustus Morgan (1489), born at Lindley, R. Y., Jul. 
3, 1853, married at Hancock, Wis., Jul. 10,1881, Margaret 
Levina. He lives at Bismarck, N. D. 

Eames. Birth Marriages Deaths 

(183l)\';esley Reade Jun. 25, 1889 Sep. 22, 1889 

(lS32)Chauncey May 15,1890 May 16,1890 

(1833) Nellie Mae May 12,1893 

7.(1492) Mary Elizabeth Lyon, born June 29, 1843, married 

George Livingston Burt: Dec. 24,1862. Be was born Men. 27, 1839 

and died Jul, 31,1903. She lives in Boston, Mass. 


Dames Birth Marriage Death 

(1835)George Henry Nov. 9,1864 Sep. 11", 1888 
(1835) Alonzo Aug. 18, 1867 Jul .5, 1892 

(1637) Arthur Livingston Feb. 3, 1671 Feb. 1,1873 

(1838) James William Apl .25, 1874 
($839) Clarence Augustus Mch.22,1376 

( 13 ) 

(Cont, G-eo.l. & Mary E. Lyon Burt) 

Children Birth Marriage Death 

(1840) Beatrice Bay Feb. 5, 1880 
(1841) Lottie Ethel Jan, 20,1884 Sep. 13,1903 

r. (K93) John H Lyon, corn Men. 1844. 'Tarried Jane Golding 
and died Jan. 2, 1890. He lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

7'. Charity Wilson Lyon, (1500) corn May 23,1883. Married P. Valentine 
E. B. Ward in Brooklyn, B. Y., Oct. 17, 1888. Sne lives in 
Evanstcn, Ills. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(l846)P.Yandrill2 E.B. Jul. 16, 1889 
(184?) Cyril Lyon U. Men. 9, 1891 
(1848)jQseph Basil Men. 19, 1893 

(1849) Urban valent ine Bay 13,1898 Jan. 13, 1901 

(1880) Gerald Oct. 13, 1899 Jul. 30,1900 

7. Charles h Lyon, born Lee. 18,1870, married Teresa Eoker. 
Lived in Brooklyn, B. Y. 

7.(1834) David Lyon, a sen of John Rathbon and Lomisa Frevy Lyon 
was living in Jersey City, B. J. arid employed on the Erie E.R. 
at one time, but have no record of marriage cr family or xax 
recent address. 

— 0O0O- 

S.J-7C5 ) 5-ston Milton VanAuken, torn at Marquette Mich., Oct. 13 
18 85. Barried Aug. 9,1883, Alicia Sarah Corcoran. 


Barnes Birth Marriage Death 

(2001) Alicia Sarah Apl.9,1392 Infancy 

(2002) Paul Apl. 1893 Infancy 

(2003) Ramona Margaret Apl. 1894 

(2004) Thelma Ambrosia Apl. 1898 

8.(1704) Jane Elizabeth Van Auken, born at Menominee, Mich,, Jan. 
23, 1863, married Bay 23, 1838 Albert E Robbins. They live 
at Iron Mountain, Mich. 

Barnes Birth Marriage Death 

(2005)Buth Marian Jul, 16, 1890 
(2006)Sumner E Mch.26,1892 1914 
(2007)Haael Eugenia Jan. 17, 1894 
(2008)Anna Ambrosia Men. 4, 1895 1914 
(2C09)Bi! Jul. 31, 1899 

(2010) Putnam Jun.29,1902 

( 14) 

. (3.7 07 ) Kate Barnard VanAuken, born at Menominee, Mich,, Mch 
197$, nfexried at Superior, Wis,, Feb. 28, 1898 tc Frank E 
Evans, They live at Tv;o Harbors, XTirk Minn. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(2011) Lyon Calkins Apl.36,1903 
(2013) Ralph Benton Jan. 2,1905 

8. (1708") Margaret Ella VanAuken, horn near GreenEay, Wis., Oct. J. 
1875, married at Ironwoed, Mich., Oct. 19, 1903, Capt . Richmond 
Smith, U. S, Army. 

8". Sis. (Stephen Alan Douglass, born at Frtage, Wis . ,Aug.l3, 1863, 
was married 1914. He lives at Detroit, Mich,(l?Q8) 

8.(1710) Scott "organ Douglas, born at McEwen, Tenn,, Jan. 26, 1863, 
married at Clarksville, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1903 tc Nancy Allen 
Hanson, They live in Milwaukee, Wis. 

Names. Birth Marriage Death. 

(302l)Mary Eathryn Jun. 25,1908 
(3022) Warren Vandenburg Apl.15,1912 

8.(171$) Harriet Eliza Douglas, born Brooklyn, E. Y., Feb. 4, 1871 
and died at Marquette, Mich,, Apl.9,1914, She was marr.'.ed tc 

Benjamin Otis Pearl Nor. 11, 1903. He was born Feb. 16,1852. 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

23025) Douglas Alan Cot. 14, 1904 
(2036) Ella Etrulia Oct. 25, 1909 

8.(1714) Kate Theresa Douglas, born r.reenBay, Wis., May 18,1875 
and died in Chicago Sept. 13, 1300. She married at Menominee, 
Mich., Sept. 12, 1698, Peter D. Robertson. 

8.(1715) Finetta Harriet Lyon, born near Green Bay, Wis., Oct. 33, 
1867, married at Iron-.vcod, Mich., June 12, 1895, James N. Dyer. 
They live near Davenport', la. 

Fames Firth Marriage Death 

(2029) He lie Dyer 1896 

(2030) Don 

1724 , 

8. (2£3l)Marisn Bird-' Lyon, born at Eikhorn, Wis.,Apl. 13, 1863, 

married Oct. 18, 1893, George B, Cain. They live at Eikhorn, 


(2C4l)Peth Louise Jul, 18, 1894 

(2042) Marian Ruth Novvl7,I896 

(2043) Jean Augusta Feb. 23, 1300 

( 15 ) 1*45570 


(1725) William Bartle Lyon, corn at Elkhorn, Wis., June- 30, 1837, 
married July IS, 1898 at Elkhorn, Ella J. Mitchell Allen. They 
live at Elkhorn, Wis. 

Names. Birth Marriage Death 

(3"045)Eli'zabeth Augusta Feb. 1904 

8. (1727) Lena May^ Lyon, born Sept. 33, 1366 married S-S&&S& 

fisc KiffftXJd Ksxi* .'Edmund Clifford Mabie in 1888 at Elkhorn, Wis. 

Name Birth Marriage Death. 

(2043) Edmund Lyon Jun. 3,1301 

8,(1728) George Dewing, Lyon, ' born. Mch. .5, .1868. at. Elkhorn, lis . 
married Dec. 1,1900, at Wheaton, Ills., Mary Grant Tuthill. 
Live-, in. Chicago 


Names Birth Marriage Death 

8. Harriet A Lyon, born Greene, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1851, married 
Oct. 8, 1872 Edward A. Barnard-. She lives in Greene, N.Y. 
(2031) Robert 

8. (1732)Susan A. Lyon, born Greene, N. Y., May 10,1653, married 
james D. Eaton. Lives Greene, N. Y. 
(2065) Florence | 

8.(1733) Walter D. Lyon, born Greene, N. Y. Oct .22, 1637, married 
Dec. 14, 1911, Elizabeth Mason. Lives at Greene, N.Y. 

6. (1734) William Lyon, born Greene, N. Y died 

Married Mabel Paje. She lives in Binghamtor., 

N. Y. 

( IS ) 

8.(174-0) Mary Frances Lyor:, born june 9, ISSGand died July 24, 

1908j married in 1SC5 James E. Harris (born Lich.26,1871 and 
died Apl. 5, 1811 ) , 
Children. . . 

.----Eames ' Eirth Marriage Death 

tS075J viola Harriet Sep. 8, 1897 

(3C76) Anna Laura Aug. 9, 19.00 

8.(1744) Charles Henry Lyon, bom Jul, 9, 1674, married Oct. 4, 1699 
Anna Frank Harshberger, born Men. 16, 1883. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(3077) Ive-n Spicer Nov.5, 1900 

(3078) Noyce Melti 

>ycs Melton Nov. 8, 1802 
(2079) Frank Morgan Dec. 5, 1904 Feb. 7, 1905 

(3080) Robert Richard Aug. 11, 1906" 
(3081). Harriet Eldora Jul. 13", 1808 

(3083) Eexford Charles Apl, 4, 1911 May 3, 1911 

(3063) Hasel Doraine Men. 11, 1913 

8\(174S) Robert Morgan Lyon, torn Aug. 30, 1881 and died Jan. 11, 
1913. Married Oct. 10, 1905 Elizabeth Fuller. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(2091) Gertrude Mary Sep, 10,1809 
(3092) Adalbert Fuller Oct. 39,1911 

6.(1750) Lewis Eugene Morgan, bom Jan. 24, 1659, married Jan. 24, 
I860 Ceorgianna Murphy. 

Names Birth MarriageS Death 

(3121) Frank Sep. 36,1881 Oct. 13, 1861 

(2122) Mary Elizabeth Mav 30,1603 Nov. 12, 1911 
(3123 j Harold Sep. 39, 1685 Apl. 18, 1894 

(2124) Eona Paulihe Oct. 6, 1658- Dec. 31, 1911 
(2135 ) Ruthh Louise May 4,1891 

(2126) Buell Whitney Aug. 22, 159? 

(2127) Mildred Ernestine Nov, 19, 1699 

(2128) Helen Lou Jun.21,1902 

8.(1751) Mary Isabel Morgan bom Jan. 31, 1661, married Jan. 2, 1650, 
Leonard Augustus Bowers. 

Names Birth Marriage Deatn 

(2129)Esssie Elizabeth Apl. 12, 1584 Oct. 16,1892 

(2130) George Arthur Jan. 33, 1589*0ct .13, 1908 

(2131) Alice Irene May 27,1533 

(2132) Fanny Ethel Dec. 3, 1637 

( 17 ) 

r. (1757) James Frederick Lyon, born Dec. 3, 1875, married Oct. 24, 
1903, Grace Gere Hawley( corn Jan. 26, 1882). Lives Waver ly, N.i 


Names 3 Birth Marriage Death 

(#14l)Anna Hawley Sep. 18, 1904 
$31-12) James Frederic Jan. 9, 1907 

8.(1731) Roscce Harold Lyon, born May 12,1883, married 

Anna DeGraff . 


Names Birth Marriage Death 


8.(1763) Saliie Deborah Lyon, born Oct .20, 1885, married 
Jack D. Duryea. 

8.(1782) Fred Augustus Roberts, born Harvey, Mich., Aug. 24,1868, 
married Men. 3, 1912, Mary French. 

8.(1783) Herbert Harvey Roberto, born at "Harvey, Mich., Aug. 16, 
1670, married Hay 4, 1893, Hay Agston, Lives at Sault ate 
Marie, Mich, 

.(3787) Eva Gladys Roberts, born at Harvey, Mich,, Oct. 1,1881, 
married Jul. 15, "1898, Ernest Dell, Lives near Marquette, Mich 

8.(1804) Lelia M. Dunham, born May 20,1861, married May 17,1830 
Nelson G. Ray. (He was born 1859, died May 28,1896. 

Names Birth Marriage Death 

(220l)Ruth D Jul. 23, 1883 Jun. 26,1307 

8.(1814) Caroline Freelove Teall, born Arl .2nd, 1837 at Sanfield : 
Mich., Married Sept. 9th at Albuquerque, N.M. to Denziei M. 
Hayneo, (born Sept .12, 1652)-. 

8.(1315) William Merritt Teall, born at Jackson, Mich 
2870, was married Jun. 12, 1392. 
(2211) Claudia Christ ire Aug". 7, 1893 
(3212)Ra.y William Sep. 18, 1894 

(18 ) 

8.(1821) Ethelyn Alice Eoyd was married June 4,1903 to Clark T 
Roger s . 

8.(1323) Fred. Clayton Morgan, born Nov. 12,1879, married Dec. 25, 
1904 Mary C. Troup. 

Name Birth Marriage Death 

(223l)Lewia Clayton Oct. 24, 1905 In ibfancy 

(2232) Gladys Leota Men. IS, 1908 

(2233) Blanch Winifred Sep.. 15, 1910 

8,(1827) Grace Adelia Morgan, horn May 17,1885, married Nov. 3, 
1904, Leonard C.Tuiev. 

Name Birth Marriage Death 

(2241) Russel -organ Aug. 8, 1906 



8.(1835) George Henry Burt, born Boston, Mass,, Nov. 8,1864, 
married Sept . 11, 1888, Etta M. Yoee. Lives in Boston. 

8.(1835) Alonzo Burt, bom in Boston, Maes., Aug. 18, 1867, married 
July 6, 1892, Annette Loise Karr. Lives in Boston. 


l.(l)Henry Lyon, one of t hree brothers of Glen I. you, Pertshire, 
Scotland. Came to America with his brot.hfers Thomas and Richard 
in 1648. ( Thomas must have come several years before this, at 
least as ear3y aj 1565.) Henry was admitted to the church at 
Milford, Conn., Feb. 24, 1653. The; same year he was married to 
Elizabeth, daughter of William 3ateman of Fairfield, Ccnn. 

In 1S66 came to Newark, N.J. where he resided until 1673 
. v/hen he moved to Elizabeth. Was a merchant and landowner, one 
farm being stil'J known ac the Lyon farm. He returned to Newark 
in 1696 and died there in 1703. 

Names Birth 

Thomas 1653-63 

Mary 1654055 

• * Samuel 1555-55 

Joseph L 55 3-60 

Nathaniel 1663-64 

John 1555065 All above born in Fairfield. 

Benjamin 1653 

Ebenezcr 1670 These tv^o horn in Newark 

His wife died in 1569—70 and he married Mary . 


U&xy 1670-71 

Dorcae 1372-73 

He died in 1703. 

3. Samuel Lyon, born in Fairfield 1655 or 56, married Sarah, daugh- ; 
t er of Zopher and Sarah ( Piatt ) Beach of New Haven, Conn. 

Samuel Henry 
His will, dated N.Y. Aug. 30, 1703 and proved at N.Y. Feb. 25 • 
1707, mentions his wife Hannah and names his brother Benjamin 
as executor. 
Children 2nd wife. 
(isj *John 

James Oct. 5, 1700 


3. John Lyon married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Mary Riggs 



4. Thomas Lyon married in rsiv L70C, Euldah, daughter of Daniel 
and Rose (Briggs) 


Thomas (Major Thomas Lyon) 
Daniel (?) (Dr. Daniel of Great Bend, Fa.) 

It is only fair to state that so far as the writer knows 
the grounda fcr claiming that Dr. Daniel Lyon of Great Bend, Pa. 
was brother of Alexander, Samuel and Thomas Is that the last 
three came, up the river in a canoe from Great Bend where they 
spent some time before coming to Lyon Brook, the fact that 
Samuel named his oldest son Daniel, and family tradition cays 
that he was named for "Hie uncle, Doctor Daniel Lyon of Great 
Lend" and the further fact that there was at one time an heirloos 
said to have been presented by Dr. Daniel Lyon to his nephew 
and namesake. The Lyon Memorial gives a different ancestry for 
Dr. Lyon. 

Samuel came to Dew York in 1791 after serving in a Connec- 
ticut regiment during the revolution, he lived Tor a time at 
Great Bend, Pa. In 17S3 he with hie brother Thomas, and perhaps 
Alexander, cams up to Oxford in a canoe, and located four miles 
above the village at Lyon Brook. 

Dan i e 1 

Huldah ra. Charles Smith 

Sally Rath bene 

Betsey Eurlingame 

Polly Samuel. Pollard 

Samuel . _ Eddy 

Lovina John Pollard 

Lucina , _ Baker 


L o v i ca W 1 1 liam Srn i t h 

George Rowley Susannah Lyon (#743") 

The writer here ventures to make a correction of a few of 
the statements seen in print regarding George Rowley Lyon. One 
is that he, G.R., learned his trade with David Maydole who for 
a long time wa3 a famous maker of hammers. Older men will recall 
the standing of Disston's saws and Maydole's hammers. George R. 
told me that David '.lay dole learned his trade with him, "Blew 
and struck for me in the old shop", as he expressed it. 

James W. Lyon (#750) told me "Geo. R. Lyon was of a family 
no kin to father. They settled at a place a few miles above. 
Oxford called Lyon's Brook. G. R. Lyon learned his trade with 
James A. Glover at Oxford at the time Alanson learned his with 
father. They started business together at Greens, the firm name 
being "G.R.i A.F.Lyon" which the boys of the town called "Great 
Red and Almighty Pierce Lyon". This shop has grown to the Lyon 
Iron Works at that place, now conducted by Walter Lyon, the onyy 
one of the name left of that family." Th e traie referred to 
was blacksmithins which was much more important then than now. 

Some efforts have been made. to connect Samuel Lyon, father 
of George R. with Samuel Lyon^utole of Alanson, # etc. As that 
Samuel went to Dew York and learned his trade from Daniel Adee 
at the same tire as did David, his brother, it is most probable 
they would have known of the relationship had there ^ been any. 
Some reports also state that David and Samuel cams in 1793. As 
shown on page 4, Cavil came to Oxford in 1800, his oldest con, 
Alanson being born at Saw Pits. Samuel came eight years earlier, 
These families knew of no connection. 



The first difference comes 
'(Lyon) Adee. In the record of the Adee family comes ffl3, Danie 
Adee, and the record says "?,.17SI, married May 16,1765, Abigal 
Lyon, daughter of David and Free love (Forma n) Lyon"', Further on 
is recorded "#14;, David Adee, bora 1735, married Jan«8, 1790, 
Abigail, daughter of John and Rut-h($rigga) Lyon". It 1b also 
recorded that while she is "of Rye" one is no kin to the wife 
of hia elder brother. ■' '.'■■.. 

' William Lyon was married In ogns of the old Dutch Churches 
and the record reads. "Jan. 13, 1791, Willis Loines j ,m. , HI syne 
Esopus e.t Stvntje "an der Merkt, j .d. Reel tit er ! ' . 

Mina was a younger sister of Tir.a, they being the two 
youngest of a large family and Mina wrote her daughter in 1819 
a history of their family and in closing she writes," Cf these 
ray brother- and sisters thereis little need be written. Marga- 
ret, Phi lit) and Wyanet after a life of usefulness have gone to 
their reward. All the others live near here and you, ■ my dear 
daughter, visit bhem all, if I may make exception of your aunt 
Tina, my dearest, sister. Her husband we know not, and she lives 
in the far wilderness of west ern Lew York where travel is not 
easy. Her marrying was not approved by my father, as her hus- 
band is a native of Connecticut of which colony the people are 
given much to deceit in business and pride themselves morion 
sharp dealing than seeking honor and the confidence of their 
neighbors. " 

Hannah left children and their descendants have the family 
record, which gives dates as hers used. 

The ancestry of Abigail Ogden must stand on the inherent 
improbability of her mother being Jane Bond, who was 50 years 
61d when Thomas Lyon was born. 

The ancestry of Charity Wilson is from a record made by 
her sister Gertrude and a daughter. It corresponds with the 
record given in the History of Fairfield. 


The three brothers, assumed to be such, Thomas, Richard and 
Henry Lyon are said to have come from G&en Lyon, Perthshire, 
Scotland. \ 

The first appearance of the name is Sic Roger de Louveyne who 
was a follower ofYvfi'lliam the Conqueror. His son was Sir Roger 
de Leonne and he received lands in Perthshire, which were 
called Glen Lyon. His son Peganus went to the Holy Land with 
Geoffrey Plantagenet\ 

One of the later, Sir John de Lyon was the sirs of the Scottish 
Earls of Strathraore to wliom reference is made in Roife's edi- 
tion of Macbeth* \ / 

It is possible that the thrive brothers were sons of "John Lyon 
Yoernan'jJ of whom it is recbrded that a woman was punished for 

bewitching his son John/ and for making his son William lame* 
He had sons William, Jrihn. Thomas, Samuel and Henry, also that 
"1 Harsh, 14 Ja::ies, (1616; True bill was found against Eliza-* 
bath, wife of John Lyon, Yeoman',' and a second time on 25 March 
15, James against same "For not attending church, chapel, etc." 

As our ancestor, Thomas was fined twice in Connecticut for not- 
attending religebus services, he having espouse! the cause of 
the Quakers, although never formally uniting with them, it is 
possible this was a family trait, and his descendants may not 
be entirely to blame for their shortcomings.